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Thailand: Children living with HIV and AIDS

Malle is arranging antiretroviral (ARV) pills into colourful pill boxes for her 10-year-old nephew

Who will benefit?

Up to 10,000 people  from ethnic minority communities will be more aware of HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment.

All children  living with HIV, adolescents and their carers nationwide stand to benefit from improvements in HIV and AIDS services.

In Thailand, approximately 27,000 children and young people are living with HIV and AIDS. That's why Oxfam is working to help reduce rates of HIV and AIDS infection to give more babies a future and help young adults lead more rewarding lives.

In Thailand, rates of HIV and AIDS are disproportionately high among ethnic minority communities. They often do not receive important information and treatment which would prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child and raise awareness of the need for early diagnosis and treatment of infected infants. Meanwhile, an increasing number of children living with HIV and AIDS are reaching adolescence and facing extremely challenging issues. With your support, Oxfam can address the barriers preventing ethnic minority communities from obtaining information and treatment, and help adolescents to cope with the challenges they face.

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About the project

This project is part of Oxfam's wider programme in Thailand, improving availability of treatment and addressing the needs of children affected by HIV and AIDS. Oxfam is working with established local partners: AIDS Access Foundation (AAF) - a rights-based organisation - and Program for HIV Prevention and Treatment (PHPT) - a medical research organisation.

We are working in 14 locations that are particularly affected by HIV and AIDS - the northern provinces, Bangkok, and border towns. We are communicating important information about HIV and AIDS to minority communities and ensuring they can receive care and treatment. We are also supporting community health workers, hospitals and networks of young people living with HIV and AIDS to ensure that health services meet the challenging needs of adolescents.

How we are helping

Knowledge about safe sex was included in the fun activities at the youth camps. It taught us to understand how the virus spreads and about condom use. They also encouraged us to set up youth volunteer groups. I'm glad that we have had these activities.

    Lek*, 17, youth volunteer in Chiang Rai Province

*Name changed to protect identity

Project aims

  • Reduce the transmission of HIV in childbirth by raising awareness and ensuring that people receive diagnosis, treatment and care services.

  • Ensure HIV and AIDS services meet the complex needs of adolescents.

  • Involve those youth groups aimed at adolescents living with HIV and AIDS in campaign, prevention and support activities.

Conduct a series of 39 radio programmes - £4,541Build 30 toilets in 15 community schools - £10,723

Inspired to make a difference?

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By giving directly to this project you can be sure you are transforming people's lives. All of the money you give will go towards helping give children in Thailand living with HIV and AIDS a brighter future. Get in touch to find out how you can help.

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