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Zimbabwe: Irrigation project

Ntombizodwa Marufu carrying water on her farm in Zimbabwe. Photo: Annie Bungeroth

Who will benefit?

80 farmers will benefit from a new irrigation system.

25,000 people will benefit from increased food production.

Many farmers in Zimbabwe scrape a living from dry land and struggle to grow or earn enough to feed their families. With your support, Oxfam is helping families develop a new irrigation system to help them enjoy a steady supply of food all year round.

In Zimbabwe, years of political and economic crisis have thrown many people into deep poverty. Crops have failed because of recurrent droughts and erratic rainfall, further threatening people's lives. Once Southern Africa's bread basket, Zimbabwe today relies on food aid. In Gutu district however, people have hope. With Oxfam's support, they are building an irrigation system and growing crops on what was once barren land. With your help, we can continue creating a reliable source of food and income and change people's lives.

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About the project

Zimbabwe's Gutu district regularly suffers droughts, and resources to develop irrigation systems are lacking. In co-operation with the Zimbabwe Water Authority and Department of Irrigation, Oxfam has developed an irrigation system using the water from the nearby Ruti dam. Since the project started in 2009, 40 hectares of communal garden land have been cultivated, bringing about spectacular change in Gutu: crops are thriving, food production has increased and the community is becoming more self-reliant.

How we are helping

I have never had a crop like this in my entire life. I work in this field together with my wife and one of my children. We worked hard to remove stones, watering, ploughing, fertilising, and planting. With the money from this crop I want to build a new house and buy more cattle.

    Tirivashe Dzivakwe, farmer

Project aims

  • Enable people to produce a regular supply of food as they become less dependent on raid-fed agriculture.

  • Help farmers become year-round food producers and increase their incomes, by improving their farming and business skills.

  • Encourage farmers to sell their produce in local markets and strengthen partnerships with suppliers and buyers to establish sustainable businesses.

  • Empower women (who are responsible for most farming activities) to take greater control of the land.

  • Raise awareness of HIV and AIDS prevention and care.

Install a booster pump unit - £9,352Construct a night storage water tank - £11,250

Inspired to make a difference?

Individual donors:

Chelsea Birkby -
01865 472832

Trusts and Foundations:

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Inma Andres -
01865 473445

If you're based in Scotland:

Angus Nelson -
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