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Raising Her Voice: Supporting women's rights

Around the world, deeply entrenched beliefs exist that women are of less value than men. Poor and marginalised women face multiple barriers to involvement in decision-making at all levels. Just 16 of 188 national leaders are women. Maternal mortality rates are persistently high. Domestic violence is common but rarely prosecuted.

Women have the right to an equal say in all matters that affect their lives. Their right is enshrined in a number of core universal human rights instruments as well as in national constitutions and laws.

Oxfam's Raising Her Voice programme is seeking to overcome women's exclusion from political, social and economic life. The programme in sub-Saharan Africa supports the implementation of the 2005 African Women's Protocol and is working with law-makers, governments, community leaders and women themselves to end gender inequality and discrimination.

The Lawyers' Circle is a network of women lawyers across diverse firms in the UK, who lend their skills, network and resources to support Oxfam's work to promote the rights of poor and marginalised women worldwide. Those involved include senior partners, QCs, in-house lawyers and solicitors.

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Lawyers' Circle visit to Tanzania

Oxfam's Lawyers' Circle visit to Tanzania as part of the Raising Her Voice programme.

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The funds would cover:

  • Appointment of two case workers in Tanzania and Uganda to push for legal reform in those countries.
  • Attendance of four judges from Tanzania and Uganda whom Oxfam has identified as strategic advocates for the Protocol.
  • A speaker from Oxfam's pan-African partner to promote the Protocol at the International Association of Women Judges conference in London in May 2012.
Please help us end gender inequality and discrimination by supporting us to reach our target.