Sienna Miller for Oxfam's Second Hand September 2021. Image: Tom Craig/Oxfam

If we all make small changes, together we can make a difference.”

Sienna Miller, Actress, UK

Second Hand September

We believe in protecting our planet and helping people beat poverty around the world. Giving clothes a longer life to reduce waste is one way to do this. Will you join us? For 30 days or more only buy second hand clothes online or in your local Oxfam shop. And don't forget to donate your pre-loved items!

What can you do?

When you buy and donate second hand clothes with Oxfam you give them a longer life. And you help to slow down fast fashion. And protect our planet and its people.

By shopping with Oxfam, you’re also reinvesting your money into vital work beating poverty worldwide. This supports people to speak out and stand up to the climate crisis. To create a fairer and greener future for everyone. Sign up for email updates from Oxfam.

13 million items of clothing go to landfill every week.

REDUCE your waste.

13 million items of clothing go to landfill every week. You can save great clothes from ending up in landfill.

You help us divert 47 million items of clothing from landfill each year

REUSE your pre-loved items

Choose to shop second hand. There are thousands of gems to suit every style on the Oxfam Online Shop and in your local Oxfam shop.

95% of textile waste could be used or recycled.

RECYCLE your unwanted clothes

95% of textile waste could be used or recycled. When clothes have finished their life in your wardrobe – give them a new lease of life via an Oxfam shop or through Oxfam’s new postal donation service. Every garment sold raises money to fight poverty around the world.

Fast fashion is damaging our planet

REINVEST in communities

By shopping with Oxfam you’re supporting communities to stand up and speak out for their right to a fairer and greener future.

When you donate your pre-loved clothes and accessories to us, they’ll never go to landfill. Your items will either be sold in our shops or we’ll find a use for them – like turning a t-shirt into mattress filler.

Climate change is impossible to ignore – it's affecting us all, and it’s pushing people deeper into poverty. People facing poverty often don’t have access to the support needed to survive and recover from extreme weather, such as clean water on tap during a drought, or house insurance to help rebuild after homes are destroyed by floods. So it’s more important than ever to act now, to prevent this global crisis from becoming a global catastrophe.

By shopping and donating with Oxfam, you’ll not only be helping to combat climate change, the money you help to raise will support people facing poverty around the world. For example, you’ll be reinvesting in communities in Bangladesh – a country that has been largely affected by the economic fallout of the retail industry during this pandemic, and a country that has been increasingly devastated by extreme weather as a result of climate change.

Olly Ross

Need some sustainable fashion inspiration?

Shopping second hand has now become a big lifestyle change. From not buying new clothes, to buying homewares, and even plants, second hand!”

Zara, Oxfam Festivals Team, UK

Jason Lloyd-Evans

Found - Harris Reed's demi-couture collection

Harris Reed created a spectacular collection of 10 pieces for London Fashion Week. All from pre-loved items he bought in the Oxfam Kingston Riverside wedding boutique.

He kindly donated one of the looks from Found to Oxfam. The money raised will be used to support people around the world to work their way out of poverty.

If we all make small changes, together we can make a difference.”

Sienna Miller, Actress, UK