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Even it Up

Here's the bad news: super-wealthy individuals and companies are creating a system that works for them but is forcing more and more people into poverty.

Here's the good news: extreme inequality isn't inevitable or irreversible. Together we can close the gap - starting with our new 'Even it Up' campaign…

Together, we can tackle inequality.

Join our Even it Up campaign 

What is inequality?

Here's what the public said.

Inequality in the UK and Zambia

"I'm disappointed I've had to use a food bank as you want to be able to survive on your own, but at least there are people out there who help."
Tracy, from Ilford
, has worked in low-paid jobs since school. Her partner, a teaching assistant, only gets paid during term time. During holidays, their family income is £8 per week.

"We are better off if we are all at the same level… If we were all equal, we could all have control of our own affairs."
Barbara, from Chiawa in Zambia
, faces a daily struggle to feed her family and often goes to bed hungry - even as Zambia's economy grows by 7% each year.

Working together to end poverty