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Love music and fighting poverty?

Whatever your age and your music taste, organising an Oxjam event and volunteering as a festival steward are brilliant ways to have fun and fight poverty. But you don't have to take our word for it...

Su Edwards, 64. “I thought that stewarding was probably a good way to do a festival solo and it definitely is. I like that you can try all kinds of music out, that you spend time in the fresh air, that you are contributing to a great cause, and that in your spare time you can do what you like – with other people or on your own.”

Chris Arnold, 62. “What I really enjoy are the bits before the festival, when the only thing really happening is the volunteers socialising in what we call the ‘Oxfield’. It’s the best time to really get to know people and you meet so many interesting folks.”

Sam Newman-Mckie, 49. “I’ve always loved music and festivals are a great way to see headline acts and new talent. Initially I was apprehensive that all the other stewards would be students and not want to talk to me but actually the complete opposite is true; I’ve made some lovely new friends of all ages. I’m very proud to see footage of overseas aid and know that I helped raise money for it, just by dancing in a muddy field in my wellies!”

Sandra, 56, and Tony Larose, 60. “After registering for the Oxfam stewarding forum and chatting to some regulars I felt happy, albeit nervous, to set off a few weeks later. I’ve done plenty of festivals since starting and wouldn’t even contemplate them now without being involved with Oxfam, it just makes it such a better experience.”

Irene Peat, 62. “I was keen to continue in a worthwhile role during retirement. I had never attended a festival before…and thought this would be an interesting new challenge. Each festival has its own unique character.”

Elaine Monroe, 57. “After years of thinking I would never camp again, I bring my little tent and love being in the safe enclosure of the Oxfam field and the benefits of showers and meals. I love the idea of helping Oxfam to make so much money to help those that need it, while enjoying the experience. I am proud to be an Oxfam steward.”

Stuart Gibbs, 51. “My oldest son asked me if I would be interested in going with him to Bestival. My attitude to life has changed dramatically and stewarding has played a part of that, I try to make the most of every moment of my life.”

Be a festival steward

We need volunteers at festivals across the UK, from Boardmasters in Cornwall to Leeds Festival in Yorkshire to Latitude in Norfolk. Oxfam Stewarding

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