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How you rebuild lives

How you rebuild lives

When disaster strikes, your support helps people come back stronger than ever.
Kieran Doherty

Nepal: For Bimala, the beginnings of hope

"By the time this work is done, the irrigation channel will be prepared," says Bimala Balami proudly, looking over the landscape she is helping to rebuild. "People who own land around here will have water for their crops again."

Bimala is one of hundreds of people we're employing across seven districts of Nepal to rebuild vital infrastructure devastated y the April 2015 earthquake. Our initial focus after the earthquake was on providing emergency food, water, shelter and toilets - to more than 400,000 people. But now we're concentrating on the long term - and that includes supporting people like Bimala to earn an income through work that will benefit their whole communities. We're distributing vouchers so people can buy whatever they need to start farming again too - which helps to support local traders, as well as enabling farmers to earn a living again.

It will take time for people to recover and rebuild, of course, but that's exactly why we keep offering support. And Bimala is definitely not alone in beginning to sense a more hopeful and more prosperous future in Nepal.

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Step into Nepal with this 360° video

The amazing generosity of Oxfam supporters saved thousands of lives, getting vital food, shelter and water to desperate families following last year’s earthquakes in Nepal. This interactive video brings you close to the action and shows how your support is helping communities to come back stronger – and face the future with hope.

The power of partners

We work with local grassroots organisations in emergencies, to ensure we have as much local expertise as possible and to build lasting connections with communities.

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Crisis care in Yemen

Hind Aleryani

More than 21 million people are now in need of aid, following clashes and air strikes in Yemen. Thanks to you, we're supporting tens of thousands of people with livestock and clean water. Our incredible local staff are doing everything they can to help others cope - and to cope themselves - and we wanted to take this chance to thank them for their determination.

One said: "I was forced to move my family to the countryside… Clean water is a huge problem… My children can't go to school." With your ongoing support, our dedicated staff will do whatever it takes - despite the impact on their own lives - to reach the people who need support most.

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Conflict in Yemen is making a dire situation worse, push for a permanent and immediate ceasefire.

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Anas al Baba

South Sudan: Oxfam insight

Kerry Akers has returned from working as Oxfam's senior protection officer in South Sudan.

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Working together to end poverty