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You’re never too young to make a difference

Two inspiring six-year-olds recently combined their love of sport with their determination to make a difference.You can find out more, donate and send the boys a message at their JustGiving pages.

Sport-loving Tristan Friend, who lives in Switzerland, was shocked to learn that some children don't have clean water. He decided to raise money by doing his own triathlon - a 100m swim, 2km bike ride and 1km run. "I'm supporting clean water because I think that's the most important," he said.

See Tristan's JustGiving page 

"He thought very carefully and decided on his own that you couldn't go to school or do sport if you didn't have clean water to drink," said his mum Catie. "We are exceptionally proud of him, he has had a training plan and has been very excited every time I tell him he has a new donation. He wanted to make a difference to people who don't have clean water."


And Noah Fogg, from Hempstead, ran over 3km for Oxfam because, in his words, "I want to help people in different countries who have nowhere to live and no clothes to wear". His proud mum and dad said: "He is so humble about it all, like it is a completely normal thing for a child to actually care enough to think of an idea and to run (and he ran!) 3.2km in 23 minutes."

See Noah's JustGiving page 

So far Tristan and Noah have raised more than £3,000 between them - what an achievement!

More kids who care


Pupils at a primary school in Preston recently showed their passion for fighting poverty by buying an Oxfam Unwrapped chicken.

"We tried our best to help care for others," said Brandon, one of the children at Oakfield House School who converted their hardearned achievement points to buy a chicken through Oxfam Unwrapped. "I donated because we have a lot of food and they haven't," said his classmate, Alfie.

Proud headteacher Gill Hughes said, "We give achievement points to pupils to reward excellent work and behaviour. I was really impressed that the children were prepared to give up their points to think of others."

A huge thanks to all at Oakfield House School.

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Pupils at Oakfield House School show off a chicken very similar to the one they bought from Oxfam Unwrapped.

Working together to end poverty