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My life. My legacy

Gerry Ryder worked for his local water authority, so he knows the problems caused when water supplies fail. To help provide families worldwide with clean water, he's donated to Oxfam in his Will.

A lasting difference

"I have faith in Oxfam to do the right thing. And it doesn't have to be a massive donation: whether it's £1, £100 or £100,000, it'll make people's lives better."

 "I'm doing the easy bit by donating," smiles Gerry. "It's not a massive thing, it doesn't cause me any hardship, but it will hopefully bring a lot of relief to a lot of people."

Gerry was inspired to include Oxfam in his Will by his passion for helping communities reap the benefits of clean, safe water. His generosity will create a lasting, life-changing legacy, as donations in Wills play a vital role in our work.

"Oxfam directly intervenes to make a positive difference," he says, "that's why I donate. Once all the usual channels had been explored in my Will - family, friends and so on - I thought, wouldn't it be good to leave a legacy to Oxfam? Why not? Why shouldn't everyone do it?"


To find out more about leaving a legacy to Oxfam in your Will - and about our free Will-writing service - call Legacy Advisor Peter Blum on 0300 200 1331 or by email at

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