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Refugees: You're creating hope

Refugee crisis: you're creating hope

Everyone has the right to be safe and to be treated with dignity. For people forced to flee their homes, this is vital. It's a time when families are at their most vulnerable, with many in desperate need of food, water, shelter and support to build a new life.

During the summer, hundreds of thousands of Oxfam supporters joined our Stand as One campaign, calling on world leaders to provide safety and hope to people forced to flee. And while a UN summit in September failed to bring the bold, fair progress people desperately need, we'll keep pushing for change - and hope you will too.

Oxfam is providing vital support for refugees, people displaced within their own countries and migrants who have been exploited and abused. Discover the vital support you're helping us to deliver.

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All over the world, with 65 million people having fled their homes, you're helping us provide urgent support to families in incredibly vulnerable situations. Donate today, and you can help us be there for even more people.

Stand As One with refugee families 

Working together to end poverty

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