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Rwanda Pig Project

Watch Bekki's video

Christine saved one business and started another

Quick, efficient cooking

No harmful smoke

More time for studies

More time for earning

Income from breeding and selling pigs

Produces fertiliser for crops

More food for families

Children have a childhood

'I was spending more time cooking than earning money. Most of the time because of the smoke I was sneezing and coughing a lot.'

But life changed for Christine with a single pig that gave birth to seven piglets. She bred the pigs and then the biodigester was built and installed.

'They built the biodigester and they showed us how we would put pig's pee and poo inside and how to use it.'

Before, most of her day was spent cooking and tending the fire, but with the biodigester, Christine could spend the time on her businesses. She not only saved her tailoring trade but also invested in poultry, earning extra income through selling chickens and eggs.


Then she passed it on ...

Christine taught all that she learned to her husband, Claude. With more time and income, Christine and Claude can send their children to school and pass on the progress to the next generation, too.

'The plan I have for my children is to encourage them to go to school, and when they finish, I will tell them to get trained in a vocation.' They can build themselves a future full of opportunity.


And in case you're wondering ...

We go to great lengths to make sure the pigs - like all of the animals we supply - are well looked after. We've created a series of animal welfare guidelines in consultation with the RSPCA and the Humane Society of the US to ensure that livestock are cared for. And we carefully monitor our animal husbandry training, making sure communities put it into practice.

Not only that, but the communities we work with know it's in their interest to treat animals well and with respect. Pigs and other livestock are hugely valued as a precious asset to be well looked after. When you see the difference they make, that's no surprise at all.