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How love beats poverty

From an amazing teacher's love for his pupils to a father's love for his daughter, these images show what a life-changing difference love can make.


Uwamariya Valentine was given a pig in Rwanda and took part in training that’s helped her care for the animals to earn a good living. All our work here aims to help people overcome the psychological effects of Rwanda’s traumatic past.

We support Alex to be a champion in his community, working with other men to tackle gender-based violence and think about issues like early marriage. “It is because of my love for my daughter Ethel that I am taking part in this project,” he says.

“We’re not just the children’s teachers; we’re their parents too.” At this school in Sierra Leone – where Oxfam has built clean, safe toilets – the pupils have all been orphaned, many during the Ebola crisis. “Being a teacher is about helping others, and not just yourself,” says headmaster Lahaiman. “I love the children.”

“I volunteer because I love my community, I love my people.” In Sierra Leone, Oxfam-supported volunteers ran workshops during the Ebola crisis to help people learn how to stop the disease spreading.

Muchineripi (right) is now doing his share of the work at home with his wife Ulita, after taking part in an Oxfam project that encourages men to share the load. “I would be very happy to see my son working together with his wife,” he says, “because that is what love is all about.”

“We no longer quarrel and we do everything in love. Because we now work together, the whole family is happier.” Pauline says her life has been transformed after her husband Orpheus joined our WE Care programme, which encourages men to do their share of household chores.