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Please find below our calendar of media stories and reports for the next few months. Do get in touch with the relevant contact if you'd like any more information or call the press office on +44 (0)1865 472498.

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March 2015

11th - 15th March:

Four year anniversary of the outbreak of fighting in Syria. Joint NGO report launch (details to be announced) plus Oxfam spokespeople and case studies available. Contact: Attila Kulcsar on +44(0)1865 473933 / +44(0)7810 181514 /

12th March: Western Saharan refugees visit to UN in New York. Oxfam is supporting Ahmed and Abeida, two young Western Saharan refugees to visit New York to press UN Security Council decision makers to demand a sustainable resolution of the crisis. Like thousands of others their lives in the Sahrawi refugee camps in the hot and barren Algerian desert of Algeria is incredibly tough. For more information or to arrange an interview contact: Attila Kulcsar on +44(0)1865 473933 / +44(0)7810 181514 /

16th March: The Big Bling & Buy Sale. Accessories sales and donation drive in shops. Contact: Emma Fabian on +44(0)1865 472193 / +44(0)7825 503 274 /

17th March: Pre-Budget Chancellor 'Big Heads' crystal dome cash grab stunt to highlight tax dodging, Old Palace Yard, London, 9.30-10.30am. Campaigners from the Tax Dodging Bill campaign will be dressed up as the three "chancellors" (George Osborne, Ed Balls and Danny Alexander) wearing Oxfam's famous big heads. They will be holding budget boxes and taking part in a cash grab inside the crystal dome, representing the billions of cash lost to tax dodging. Contact: Sarah Dransfield on: +44(0)1865 472269 / +44(0)7767 085636 /

18th March: UK Budget. Oxfam spokespeople available for comment on relevant issues including: UK poverty, overseas aid, inequality and tax dodging. Contact: Contact: Sarah Dransfield on: +44(0)1865 472269 / +44(0)7767 085636 /

20th March: Baroness Northover visits Oxfam shop in Oxford, 1.45pm to 2.15pm. The DFID Parliamentary Under Secretary of State will be visiting the Oxfam Shop in Broad Street to highlight Oxfam's Spring Appeal Strength to Survive, which is match funded by DIFD. Baroness Northover will talk to shop staff and volunteers. Both Baroness Northover and Oxfam available for comment. Contact: Emma Fabian on +44(0)1865 472193 / +44(0)7825 503 274 /

24-26th March: Green Climate Fund Board meeting, Republic of Korea. Further work on setting up the fund for developing countries to protect themselves from climate change. Contact: Lucy Brinicombe on +44 (0)1865 472192 /+44 (0)7786 110054 /

April 2015

Early April (date tbc): Publication of Annual OECD Aid Statistics. Oxfam will analyse the UK's progress in official development assistance (ODA). Oxfam spokespeople will be available. Contact: Meg Pruce on +44 (0)1865 472240 / +44 (0)7824 824359 /  

11th April (tbc): Gaza progress report. 6 months on from the international donor conference in Cairo, a new report from Oxfam and partners will assess the progress made in Gaza since. Contact: Attila Kulcsar on +44(0)1865 473933 / +44(0)7810 181514 /  

13-19th April: World Bank/IMF spring meetings, Washington - including events on recovery of Ebola-stricken countries, with Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima speaking (TBC). Contact: Melanie Kramers + 44 (0)1865 472318 / + 44 (0)7825 088894 /  Oxfam will also have spokespeople available in Washington and the UK to comment on global economic inequality. Contact: Sarah Dransfield on +44(0)1865 472269 / +44(0)7767 085636 /  

14th April: One year on since the kidnapping of over 200 school girls in Chibok, northern Nigeria by Boko Haram. Some 1.5m people have been forced to flee their homes across north east Nigeria. Oxfam in collaboration with local partner is helping over 70,000 people with emergency aid in North East Adamawa, Yola. Contact: Ian Bray on +44(0)1865 472289, +44(0)7721 461339 /  

16th April: Oxfam report looking at how to build poor country health care services in the wake of the Ebola outbreak. Contact: Ian Bray on +44(0)1865 472289, +44(0)7721 461339 /  

27th April: Western Sahara: the refugees' perspective. Oxfam is due to bring out a report on conditions of refugee camps and efforts to bring about sustainable solution (before the expected vote in the UN Security Council extending the Western Sahara mandate on 30th April). Attila Kulcsar on +44(0)1865 473933 / +44(0)7810 181514 /  

May 2015

Mid May (date tbc): Oxfam's Behind the Brand report. This time, the steps that the ten biggest food and drink companies are taking to reduce the burden that small holder farmers have in the face of climate change, water scarcity and emergencies. Contact: Lucy Brinicombe on +44 (0)1865 472192 /+44 (0)7786 110054 /

18-26th May: World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva - focus on how the international community should deal with pandemics. Oxfam spokespeople available to comment on lessons learned from the response to the Ebola outbreak. Contact: Melanie Kramers on + 44 (0)1865 472318 / + 44 (0)7825 088894 /

29th May: UN Ebola recovery conference (TBC) - decisions on action and financial support to help affected countries move on from the crisis. Oxfam spokespeople available for analysis of outcomes and next steps. Contact: Melanie Kramers on + 44 (0)1865 472318 / + 44 (0)7825 088894 /

May/June (tbc): Government poverty figures released. The annual Households Below Average Income (HBAI) statistics will be published, detailing how many people in the UK are living in poverty. Oxfam spokespeople will be available for comment. Contact: Contact: Lucy Brinicombe on +44 (0)1865 472192 /+44 (0)7786 110054 /


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