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Counter-fraud measures

Oliver May, Oxfam's Head of Counter-Fraud said: "Oxfam uses donations from the British people to help eradicate poverty and suffering across the world. For someone to commit fraud and use that money for their own gains is clearly unacceptable.

"The actions of Edward McKenzie-Green were brought to light by Oxfam's own robust counter fraud measures and we work tirelessly to ensure that money donated to Oxfam is not lost through the actions of rogue employees like McKenzie-Green.

"We will now work to try and recover the money taken.

"Oxfam, like other international aid agencies, works in environments where there is a risk of fraud and loss.  However, Oxfam does not tolerate fraud and has a Counter-Fraud Team that conducts awareness training and prevention work throughout the world. All cases of suspected fraud are investigated. 

"Oxfam has an open and transparent approach to the prevention and detection of fraud and mechanisms through which suspected fraud can be reported. This includes a confidential whistle-blowing hotline in five languages."