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Award winning photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg’s night photographs at London’s OXO Tower Wharf

13th Apr 2012

Kenyan villagers caught in moonlight are the subject of a new exhibition, free to the public, by Sony's 2011 World Photographer of the year, Alejandro Chaskielberg,

In this new collection for Oxfam, opening at Southbank's OXO Gallery from 18-22 April, Chaskielberg has pictured a community by night in the Turkana region of northwest Kenya. Families sleep under the stars, men pump water and fish by moonlight. His distinctive style shows resilient people as they recover from last year's drought.

 'I've always been attracted by the night, because it is the time when the most fascinating things can happen' said Chaskielberg.

Using the full moon, long time exposures and different kinds of strobe lights Chaskielberg creates a cooling atmosphere in his nocturnal shots- bringing a new perspective to a region so often pictured in scorching sun.

Unpredictable weather and rising food prices are having a devastating impact on these pastoralist communities in Turkana, and as Chaskielberg portrays their resilience- the reality remains that the drought will come again.

The exhibition was created in support of GROW, a movement of people campaigning for a world where everyone always has enough to eat. Oxfam has been helping the communities photographed to create vegetable gardens out of dry ground. The images also show how the charity has been helping people find new ways to feed their families with gardening, fishing and livestock projects and by teaching communities to use wells to irrigate the land.

Chaskielberg adds:'Thanks to this experience, I know that, even though Turkana is one of the world's poorest communities, its people are determined not to be beaten by poverty. This is why the work Oxfam is doing is so important - it's giving people the tools they need to rise to challenges most of us will never have to face',

 View a selection of the exhibition images here: (Credit: Oxfam / Alejandro Chaskielberg)


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Notes to editors

  • 1. Alejandro Chaskielberg'sTurkana Collection starts Wednesday 18 - Sunday 22 April from 11am-6am at Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London SE1 9PH. Free entry with the Private view on 17th April 2012
  • 2. More info available from gallery@oxo.
  • 3. Alejandro Chaskielberg won the photographer of the year, known as L'iris D'Or award, for his luminous images of communities along in Argentina, at the Sony World Photography awards last year.