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Budget fails to support squashed bottom, says Oxfam

21st Mar 2012

In response to the Budget, Chris Johnes, Director of Oxfam's UK poverty programme, said:

"It is a farce to call this a 'Robin Hood' Budget when it has failed to support the poorest people in society and those who have lost their jobs.

The Chancellor is wrong to say every person on low and middle incomes will be better off. Whilst a rise in the income tax threshold will offer welcome help to many, the 'squashed bottom', those earning less than £8,105, won't feel any benefit at all.

The suggested additional £10 billion cuts to welfare would be catastrophic for working families on low incomes and people who are struggling to find work. Rather than taking yet more money from the poorest the government should make those that caused the financial crisis pay their fair share with a Robin Hood Tax."


For more information, or an interview with an Oxfam spokesperson, please contact: Sarah Dransfield, Oxfam Press Officer on 01865 472269, 07767 085636, or