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Oxfam response: charity foodbank figures reveal double the demand for emergency food in the UK

26th Apr 2012

New figures, published today by the Trussell Trust, reveal the number of people visiting foodbanks for emergency food in the UK has doubled in the last year, to over 128,000 people. 

Chris Johnes, Oxfam's director of UK poverty, said: "It's pretty shocking that so many people in a developed country are having to resort to charity handouts to feed themselves and their families. 

"Things like rising food prices and cuts to welfare and support services are all accumulating, meaning more and more people are experiencing a crisis.

"Globally there's more than enough food to go around but it's not being distributed equally, even in the UK. The food system needs to be overhauled if we are to stop almost a billion people around the world going hungry every day."


To arrange an interview with Chris Johnes, or for more information, please contact: Sarah Dransfield, Oxfam press officer, on 01865 472269, 07767 085636 or
Notes to editors:

Oxfam supports the work of the Trussell Trust, who run foodbanks in the UK, providing emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis.

Last year Oxfam carried out a food poll of people living in poverty in the UK and 1 in 5 reported going without a meal themselves in order to feed their family.