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RESPONSE: Government reversal of plans to cap tax relief on charitable donations

Posted by Georgia Best Senior PR Manager

31st May 2012

"Oxfam welcomes the Government's announcement that it has abandoned plans to cap tax relief on charitable donations."   

"Oxfam supports progressive taxation policies in the UK, and elsewhere, that put more of the burden of tax on those who can best afford it. We believe the government's priority must be to raise sufficient tax revenues to deliver the essential public services that its citizens rely on.

"However, we also recognise that government has a role to play in promoting community values, including charitable giving. We believe tax incentives are a legitimate way of encouraging this behaviour, given that no individual derives a net financial benefit as a result and the tax cost of those incentives is tiny compared to the revenues lost through tax avoidance and evasion."

Bob Humphreys, Oxfam Finance Director


For more information and to arrange an interview with Bob Humphreys contact Georgia Veats on 01865 472 375 / 07717 424463 /

Blog post written by Georgia Best

Senior PR Manager

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