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Oxfam response to Africa Progress Panel's annual report

Posted by Georgette Thomas Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

11th May 2012

In response to today's publication of the Africa Progress Panel's annual Progress Report on Africa, Jobs, Justice and Equity, Oxfam's Chief Executive Barbara Stocking said: 

"Kofi Annan and the Africa Progress Panel are right to outline Africa's many successes and its potential for ongoing social and economic development. At the same time, the panel's report also highlights the widening gap between rich and poor across the continent and the growing threat that climate change and land grabs pose to its poorest citizens.

"It is vital that governments, donors and aid agencies champion a sustainable model of development in Africa, ensuring that the proceeds of economic growth are shared fairly to lift people out of poverty and protect their livelihoods for the long term.

"In particular, there needs to be better regulation and governance to urgently address the new wave of large-scale land deals so they do not deny local people the means to grow enough food to feed their families and make a living. The report is right to encourage countries to consider freezing prospective large-scale land deals so that regulations can be implemented to protect poor people from the current rush for land.

"The expected adoption of new international voluntary guidelines on land tenure by the Committee on World Food Security in Rome later today will be an important first step in addressing the issue of land grabbing." 


For more information contact: Oxfam Press Officer, Georgette Thomas (0)7824 503108

Please find the report here:

Blog post written by Georgette Thomas

Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

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