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Oxfam Media Brief - G20 must live up to its pledges for fairer and stronger growth

13th Jun 2012


In 2009, G20 leaders launched a framework for "strong, sustainable and balanced growth". That framework has failed to deliver. Three years on, income inequality globally is dangerously on the rise while poor countries' reserves have been depleted. They're now also reeling from slashed aid budgets, squeezed spending on health and education, and volatile food prices - all with devastating effects for the poorest. Meanwhile, 18 million people in the Sahel region of West and Central Africa are threatened by a severe food crisis. Ahead of their summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, international agency Oxfam is urging G20 leaders to take immediate steps to protect the world's most vulnerable citizens and ensure the benefits of growth are more evenly spread. The G20 must forge an inclusive plan to tackle poverty, hunger, and inequality.

To do this, they must target four key areas:

  • the broken global food and finance systems
  • tax dodging and transparency
  • innovative financing for climate change and development
  • social sector spending

To read the full Oxfam briefing click here