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EU Energy Ministers fail to go public on disastrous impact of biofuels policy on the world’s poor

17th Sep 2012

In reaction to today's EU Energy Ministers' statement on their debate about
Europe's post 2020 renewable energy strategy, Natalia Alonso, Head of
Oxfam's EU office, said:

"At a time of high and volatile food prices it is disappointing that EU
Ministers have not publicly questioned Europe's biofuels policy, which is
undermining poor communities' right to food and land.

"We cannot continue to burn food in our petrol tanks while poor families go
hungry. Biofuels mandates must be dropped now and taken off the table for
the future.

"European governments and the European Commission must not cave in to
pressure from the biofuels industry, which is fighting a draft EU
legislative proposal, leaked to the press last week, recommending limits to
the use of crop-based biofuels."


For more information contact Tricia O'Rourke on 07920 596358 /

Notes to Editors

Today Oxfam launched "Hunger Grains" - a new report looking at the impacts of the EU's biofuels policy on food prices and land rights.