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World Bank must advance universal health coverage

11th Oct 2012

110 global civil society groups sign letter to president Jim Kim


- Civil society groups representing 40 countries will meet with World Bank president Jim Yong Kim at the World Bank annual meetings today [Thursday 11th] asking that he support developing countries to achieve universal health coverage.

They will present Kim with an open letter, signed by 110 organizations from every region of the world, including the Ghana Universal Healthcare Campaign, World Vision, and Oxfam asking him to ensure the World Bank assists all people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable, to access health services.

John Mahama of the Ghana Universal Health-Care Campaign said: "Jim Kim has said that poor health and high out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures are leading causes of poverty. The World Bank should promote universal health coverage by helping developing countries drop fees for health services. Investing in public health delivery is essential for inclusive growth."

The letter to Jim Kim asks that the World Bank support countries to offer free healthcare to their citizens; scale up investment in public health systems in developing countries, and collaborate with the World Health Organization and other global health institutions.

Mahama said: "Civil society is looking for action from the World Bank to make universal access to healthcare a reality for all."

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