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Working on global hunger with the Board of Deputies of British Jews

21st Jan 2013

Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

We are pleased to be working with the  Board of Deputies of British Jews and other organisations  on the issue of global hunger. We look forward to working together to forge a new alliance on an issue that binds our common humanity. It is shocking that in a world with enough food to feed everyone twice over nearly 1 billion people go hungry. This year we have the chance to move forward on tackling global hunger. Later in the year the UK will be hosting a meeting of the Group of Eight industrialised nations. Action on global hunger will be on its agenda. The more people willing to say that hunger can and should be eliminated from our planet the better the chance that decisions made at the G8 and at other international meetings will make a lasting difference to the millions of people who go to bed hungry. The louder that voice from Britain's Jewish community, along with all sectors of British society, the greater will be the call.