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Barbara Stocking welcomes David Cameron's pledge to tackle tax avoidance

Posted by Jon Slater Head of News

24th Jan 2013

Responding to David Cameron's speech at Davos, Barbara Stocking, Oxfam Chief Executive, said: "I am delighted the Prime Minister made such a strong moral case against tax avoidance in both the UK and developing countries. There can be no moral justification for companies wriggling out of paying their fair share to society . 

"Every pound of tax companies avoid paying to poor countries is one pound lost to the fight against hunger. The fact that tax dodging costs poor countries $160bn-a-year while one in eight people in the world do not have enough to eat is nothing short of a scandal.

"Oxfam and the 100 charities that yesterday launched the If campaign will be putting pressure on David Cameron and other G8 leaders to turn his rhetoric into reality."

Blog post written by Jon Slater

Head of News

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