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Oxfam reaction to fall in poverty revealed by Global Monitoring report

Posted by Jon Slater Head of News

18th Apr 2013

Responding to the fall in poverty revealed by the Global Monitoring Report, Emma Seery, Oxfam spokesperson, said:
"The dramatic fall in extreme poverty shows this is a fight that can be won. But we should be under no illusions about the size of the task ahead.
"The sharp increase in the number of poor people in Africa is is a sad indictment of the fact that the needs of rich countries and elites have too often been pursued at the expense of the poorest.
"Accelerating progress towards the World Bank's goal of ending extreme poverty means taking tough choices and tackling the vested interests that stand in the way of a fairer world."
Responding to the Global Monitoring report's findings on poverty in urban and rural areas, Emma Seery, Oxfam spokesperson, said:
"Providing high quality health and education remains a huge challenge that is vital to reducing poverty wherever it occurs.

"But for the rural majority of poor people, access to land and investment in smallholder agriculture are also crucial steps towards escaping the poverty trap. The World Bank's call to end the scourge of extreme poverty is timely and requires tackling these obstacles head on."

Blog post written by Jon Slater

Head of News

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