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Oxfam response to the International Development Committee report on UK Aid to Pakistan

Posted by Jonaid Jilani Press Officer

4th Apr 2013

In response to the International Development Committee report on UK Aid to Pakistan which was launched today, Oxfam's Shaheen Chughtai said:

"Pakistani authorities should work much harder to ensure wealthier citizens and profitable companies pay their fair share of tax. The Pakistani government should also step up anti-corruption efforts. But tax reforms and anti-corruption initiatives will take time. In the meantime, we should not turn our backs on the people who suffer the most from such issues: the tens of millions of poor Pakistani men, women and children struggling to get adequate food, healthcare, and schooling. 

UK aid to Pakistan is making a valuable difference to millions of people: expanding healthcare for mothers-to-be, getting millions more children into school, and supporting families recovering from destructive disasters. UK aid is also helping to strengthen democracy and enable Pakistani citizens to monitor public spending - all of which is vital in tackling issues such as corruption and tax avoidance. The UK should keep providing such valuable support while pressing the Pakistani authorities to address issues such as tax avoidance and corruption more effectively." 


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Notes to Editors 

What has UK aid to Pakistan achieved so far? 

· 429,000 children (of which 187,000 girls) have been supported in primary and secondary education per year 
· 2,767,000 people affected by the 2010 floods have received vital humanitarian assistance including water, healthcare, shelter and food 
· 858,000 people have benefited from DFID's cash transfer programme, helping them to lift themselves out of poverty by meeting their basic needs 
· 103,000 people have access to financial services as a result of UK aid 

Figures from DFID 

Blog post written by Jonaid Jilani

Press Officer

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