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Oxfam response to President Obama's climate change action plan announcement

Posted by Georgette Thomas Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

26th Jun 2013

In response to The President of the United State's climate plan announcement taking place today Tracy Carty, Oxfam's Climate Change Advisor said;

"The promises outlined in today's announcement by the leader of the world's biggest cumulative polluter to take actions to tackle climate change are welcome and long overdue.

"Climate change is already hitting food production and putting poor communities at risk of extreme weather events both in the President's own backyard and overseas.

"His administration must now work hard to deliver promised global commitments of financial support to help the world's most vulnerable countries and communities to cope with more extreme and unpredictable weather as well as reduce harmful greenhouse emissions."

Blog post written by Georgette Thomas

Oxfam Media officer, Oxford, UK

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