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Oxfam launches Emergency Challenge

Posted by Sophie Bowell

1st Jul 2013

Oxfam Emergency Challenge

Unique team fundraising event offering firsthand experience of how Oxfam responds to disasters worldwide

Recruitment is now open for Oxfam's innovative new fundraising event, Emergency Challenge: a unique, action packed corporate team challenge where teams of four must use a variety of skills to respond to high pressure emergency scenarios. Teams from top companies across the UK will go head-to-head and get hands-on experience of how Oxfam works in disaster situations around the world.

The challenge, which takes place on Saturday 2 November at Wellington College, Berkshire, will test teams with a series of mental, physical and strategic challenges around five key emergency areas: water, food, sanitation, shelter and security.  

With the 60 teams battling it out against the clock through the day and into the night the pressure will be on to prove they've got what it takes to respond quickly when natural disasters and emergency situations strike.

Oxfam spokesperson Tom Holloway said: "Emergency Challenge is a fantastic team building and personal development opportunity that also provides the chance to network with other businesses. It's a completely unique event and directly linked to the rapid response work that Oxfam is renowned for. The money raised will help save lives in real-life emergencies worldwide such as Oxfam's work around the current crisis in Syria."

As a world leader in disaster response, last year Oxfam ran 47 emergency responses in 31 countries. This included building shelters to protect families in crisis, supplying clean water to prevent the spread of deadly diseases and ensuring that people who've lost everything have the basics like food, soap and cooking utensils.

To sign up or find out more about the challenge, go to:


Notes to Editors

About the Oxfam Emergency Challenge

Teams of four can be made up of colleagues or friends. The only restriction is that all team members have to be aged over 18 on the day of the event and represent one organisation.

The entry fee for each team is £400 and the minimum fundraising pledge is £1,600 per team. However, companies may choose to make a contribution towards their teams fundraising by covering all or part of their pledge. This can be done on the sign up form or at a later date.

All funds raised from the Oxfam Emergency Challenge go towards Oxfam's work in emergency situations through the Oxfam 365 Emergency Fund. Oxfam is currently working in regions like Syria where more than a million refugees have now fled violence and are in desperate need of shelter, food and water. Oxfam is aiming to reach 650,000 people in the coming months and is calling for more international aid and a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Blog post written by Sophie Bowell

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