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UK to implement a public registry on beneficial ownership to tackle tax dodging - Oxfam reaction

Posted by Sarah Dransfield Senior Press Officer

31st Oct 2013

In response to the announcement that David Cameron will implement a central registry of beneficial ownership, Oxfam's Head of Development Finance & Public Services, Emma Seery, said:

"It's very encouraging to see the UK government act on one of their G8 promises to start a crack down on dodgy tax practises. This commitment sets a crucial standard for a more transparent tax system, and it is one necessary step for poor countries to reclaim the billions they lose from tax dodging. This must be swiftly implemented, and the same principle must be extended to all of Britain's Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies if they are to stand a chance of ever shaking off their tax haven label.

"Other European countries and G8 members also need to step up to the mark and follow the UK's example by committing to sharing information publicly across the board. This would mean a level playing field for tax authorities in every country to make sure companies are paying their dues."


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Blog post written by Sarah Dransfield

Senior Press Officer

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