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Indiana Jones' hat and the Jedi's lightsabers are the most iconic accessories in films, Oxfam reveals

9th Apr 2015

The felt fedora hat worn by Indiana Jones and the lightsabers brandished by Jedi warriors in Star Wars are the nation's favourite accessories in film history. They polled equal first in a survey of 2,000 adults, conducted by Oxfam for The Big Bling & Buy Sale.

The red slippers in which Dorothy danced down the yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz came third. Nipping at their heels, in fourth place, are the black PVC thigh-high boots Julia Roberts pulled on in Pretty Woman.

The results prove accessories make a powerful impression and transform outfits. Now Oxfam is urging every man and woman in the land to donate and buy accessories that can transform lives too.

The Big Bling & Buy Sale is on now and runs to 19 April. It aims to rack up an extra £1 million for life-changing Oxfam projects.

Each one of the charity's 668 shops and Oxfam's Online Shop are treasure troves of unique, brilliantly priced adornments. These hats and heels, bags, belts, bangles, scarves and sunglasses can raise vital funds.

"If every person donated just one accessory it could generate millions of pounds for Oxfam's crucial work. £1 million raised could provide school supplies for 125,000 children in Niger,' said Andrew Horton, Oxfam Trading Director. "It could build 20,000 latrines in an emergency, or provide more than 140,000 mosquito nets to protect vulnerable people while they sleep."

The survey threw up more revealing insights. While Welsh women are fondest of Pretty Woman's sexy boots, Scots prefer Carrie's Manolo Blahnik shoes in Sex in the City.

The top 10 in full

1. (joint) Indiana Jones' hat; the lightsabers in Star Wars

3. Dorothy's red slippers in  Wizard of Oz

4. Pretty Woman's PVC thigh-high boots

5. (joint) Rose's sapphire necklace in Titanic;  Blues Brothers' sunglasses

7.  Mary Poppins' umbrella

8. Carrie's Manolo Blahnik shoes in Sex in the City

9.  Ring in Lord of the rings

10.   Harry Potter's glasses

The Big Bling & Buy Sale has attracted celebrity support, with Laurence Fox, Hilary Alexander, Nina Wadia and George Lamb modelling Oxfam accessories for the campaign.

"Some of my favourite possessions have come from Oxfam. You can buy beautiful things there," said Laurence Fox. "I hate wastefulness and there really is no need to buy new. Many things get better with age, especially bags. When you donate and buy from Oxfam, you are changing lives for the better. Everybody wins."

Fashion expert Hilary Alexander agreed. "All of us have at least one accessory we have got tired of, or doesn't fit or suit us anymore. You don't need it. But donated to Oxfam it can do a lot of good."


For further information and spokespeople contact Emma Fabian, PR Press Officer, 01865 472 193/07825 503 274,, and photos available.


Notes to the Editor:

  • Oxfam is the UK's biggest charity retailer with 668 shops.
  • The shops are run by a network of around 1,000 staff and 22,000 volunteers.  Typically, a shop team has one paid manager and around 30 volunteers. Some shops are entirely volunteer-run.
  • Oxfam was the first major charity to operate its own textile sorting facility, Wastesaver, which maximises revenue from textiles that cannot be re-sold in its shops and minimises the amount of textiles sent to landfill.
  • Oxfam Wastesaver receives all the items which don't sell in Oxfam's shops and sorts them for resale, reuse or recycling. Like all the items at Wastesaver, leather, shoes and handbags are sorted into different grades.
  • Over the past 5½ years Oxfam's accessories sales have been growing. £7.2 million worth of accessories were sold last financial year in Oxfam's shops on the high street and online, 6 per cent up versus the previous financial year. Over 2 million items of accessories were sold last financial year, 4 per cent up versus the previous year, and the trend continues this financial year so far.
  • Oxfam is one of the world's leading providers of humanitarian aid in emergencies. In 2014, it supported around 5.5 million people in crisis. Whenever and wherever there is a widespread threat to people's life and security, Oxfam will respond where it feels it can make a positive difference. We deliver assistance (including, water, sanitation, emergency food security and livelihoods) and strive to ensure civilians are protected from violence. We campaign for the rights of those affected to be respected, their needs met, and for the reasons that they are in crisis in the first place to be addressed  - as part of a rights-based approach to overcoming poverty, suffering and injustice.