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REACTION: Forbes billionaires list

Posted by Melanie Kramers Senior Press Officer

20th Mar 2017

Commenting on the 2017 Forbes billionaires list, which revealed a record 233 new billionaires, Oxfam's Head of Inequality Policy Max Lawson said:

"A world where more new billionaires have been created in a year than ever before shows signs of economic sickness rather than health.

"Our warped economic model leads to more unequal societies that trap millions of people in poverty - it allows an elite group to accrue extreme wealth while one in nine people go to bed hungry every night.

"We need to build a more human economy, where the super-rich pay their fair share of tax, workers earn a living wage, and governments invest in decent healthcare and education to give everyone a good start in life."


Notes to editors

Forbes 2017 billionaires list:

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Blog post written by Melanie Kramers

Senior Press Officer

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