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Reaction: Oxfam calls for greater G7 support for Syria peace talks

11th Apr 2017

Responding to the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Lucca, Italy, Elisa Bacciotti, Oxfam's Campaigns Director, said: 

On Syria

"Now, more than ever, Oxfam urges a redoubling of efforts to find a lasting and peaceful solution to this conflict and to offer safe refuge for the Syrian people who are fleeing for their lives. G7 members should put their weight behind the Geneva peace talks and push all warring parties to come to the table and reach a deal that will guarantee full respect for human rights in Syria.

"The innocent families who were killed in Idlib are no different from the people who are attempting to seek refuge in Europe, the US and around the world. More than ever, Syrians need genuine protection from the violence that they have suffered over these six long years. G7 countries must increase the provision of both refuge and assistance to the people of Syria, ceasing all discriminatory bans and all agreements - such as the EU-Turkey agreement - that are failing refugees, leaving them in miserable conditions and vulnerable to abuses."

On food crises and famine

"The communiqué mentions little on hunger and nothing on poverty. Oxfam calls on G7 leaders to act decisively at the summit in May to work with governments of affected countries to respond to needs in famine-affected areas and to hold back the hunger in areas at risk. A massive injection of aid, backed with diplomatic clout and the necessary political will, could save hundreds of thousands of lives and stop the worst from happening in countries such as Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen. 

"Every famine is man-made, representing either catastrophic human failure or a political choice. But this grim fact means that we have the power to prevent and end it."


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