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Oxfam reaction to UK Budget

Posted by Sarah Dransfield Senior Press Officer

22nd Nov 2017

On tax 

Oxfam's Head of Inequality, Rebecca Gowland, said:

"Despite announcing plans to try to ensure tech companies pay their fair share in the UK, the Chancellor has missed the mark on tax transparency. His failure to take further action on ending tax secrecy is a huge missed opportunity to prevent tax avoidance that deprives the UK and developing countries of vital funds that could be used to fight poverty. 

"People are fed up with hearing how some large companies and extremely wealthy individuals can avoid paying their fair share of tax. Tackling tax avoidance would not only raise much needed funds, it would be popular with the public.

"With growing cross party consensus on this, the Government shouldn't wait until our overseas territories and crown dependencies are embroiled in another Paradise Papers scandal to enforce the transparency they have asked for, and to require UK-based multinationals to publish their tax payments in every country, including tax havens."

On UK poverty

Oxfam's Head of UK Programmes, Rachael Orr, said: 

"Whilst the Chancellor has recognised the need to act, cutting the waiting time for Universal Credit down to five weeks is not enough to protect people from hunger and hardship. Extremely vulnerable people will still be left for over a month with no means to get by, unless they apply for an advance payment which they have to repay. 

"The Government has to make sure that a system which should be protecting people from poverty isn't causing people to go hungry."


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Notes to editors

Recent figures from the Trussell Trust found that foodbanks in areas in which Universal Credit has been introduced for at least six months have seen a 30 percent increase in demand compared to the year before.

Last week a YouGov poll found that almost three quarters of the public think the government should be doing more to tackle corporate tax dodging.
There is cross party support for doing more to tackle tax avoidance, including greater transparency for companies and in UK -linked tax havens.

Blog post written by Sarah Dransfield

Senior Press Officer

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