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Reaction to Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on UK poverty

4th Dec 2017

Responding to the publication of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation's UK Poverty 2017 report, which finds that rising employment is no longer reducing poverty, Rachael Orr, Head of Oxfam's UK Programme, said: 

"It's deeply concerning to see yet more evidence that having a job in today's precarious labour market is not enough to escape poverty.

"It's not just working adults who are affected, but their children too, and it's a real worry to see progress on child poverty going into reverse.

"The Government needs to make sure that work pays, so hard working families are not falling below the poverty line. Their Industrial Strategy, published last week, would have been a good place to start, but sadly was a missed opportunity."


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Notes to editors:

UK Poverty 2017 assesses the progress made towards the JRF's Strategy to Solve Poverty, which was published a year ago. The key findings were:

  • Despite significant falls in poverty among children and pensioners over the last 20 years, this progress is now at risk of reversing: poverty rates for both groups have started to rise again, to 16% for pensioners and 30% for children.
  • The continued rise in employment is no longer reducing poverty.
  • One in 8 workers live in poverty - 3.7 million people.
  • Poverty rates are highest for lone parent families and families with three or more children.