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Oxfam response to DFID statement

12th Feb 2018


Caroline Thomson, Oxfam Chair of Trustees, said: "I would like to thank the Secretary of State for a very challenging but constructive conversation. We unreservedly apologised to her as well as to our supporters, donors and the people of Haiti for the things that happened in our name.

"We told her of the significant improvements since 2011, including setting up a dedicated safeguarding team but also set out our plans for significant changes in our operations to ensure such events are less likely to occur and if they do are handled differently in future. In particular we assured her of our commitment to full accountability and transparency in all our operations and said that a special Trustee group, chaired by me, would monitor implementation.

"Oxfam is in total agreement with the Secretary of State's further proposals. We recognise that we have some way to go to persuade her that we have the right moral leadership to be fully entrusted with public money. But we are committed to working with her, DFID and the Charity Commission to prove we can meet her expectations." 


Notes to editors

Oxfam set out its initial action plan in a statement issued yesterday