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Reaction: International Development Committee report on UK aid

Posted by Meg Pruce Press Officer

5th Jun 2018


In response to the International Development Committee's report on the definition and spending of UK aid, Oxfam's head of advocacy Katy Chakrabortty said:

"Today's report rightly champions DFID as the department best placed to stamp out poverty, the primary aim of aid. We would welcome DFID taking the lead in all UK aid spending, with more power to spend the money where it's needed most - such as halting growing hunger in South Sudan or tackling health crises like Ebola in the DRC.

"Cross-government aid funds - those mostly delivered by departments other than DFID - have a long way to go to match DFID's transparency, impact and expertise in fighting poverty. It seems reasonable for the Committee to call for no additional aid for these funds until they prove their poverty focus and accountability to taxpayers."


For more information, please contact Meg Pruce, Press Officer at Oxfam GB: +44 (0) 1865 472240 / +44 (0) 7824 824359

Blog post written by Meg Pruce

Press Officer

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