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Date: Jan 2012

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Oxfam welcomes independent process to address community grievances in Uganda land dispute

Oxfam has welcomed the announcement of an independent process to resolve complaints from communities who were evicted from their land without compensation to make way for two forestry plantations...

Inequality rises across the G20 as economic growth fails to trickle down to poorest - Oxfam

Inequality has increased in 14 of 18 G20 countries since 1990 as economic growth has too often failed to benefit poor people, according to new figures in a report  published by Oxfam...

Thousands of lives and millions of pounds lost due to late response to food crisis in East Africa

Lessons learnt can help prevent future disasters and save lives Thousands of needless deaths occurred and millions of extra pounds were spent because the international community failed...

Two years on and Haiti’s reconstruction proceeds at a ‘snail’s pace’, leaving half a million Haitians homeless

In a report released today, international agency Oxfam said that two years on from the earthquake, reconstruction of the country has proceeded "at a snail's pace" leaving more...

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