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Date: Jul 2018

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Trailwalker cancelled due to danger posed by soaring temperatures

Trailwalker, the 100km trek organised by Oxfam, the Queens Gurkha Signals and The Gurkha Welfare Trust has been cancelled due to the unusually hot weather. The annual trek across the South Downs...


Thousands of Syrians out of reach of aid

Thousands of Syrians forced from their homes due to the recent fighting in Dar'a are unable to get the help they desperately need, international aid agency Oxfam said today.  ...

One year on from conflict the dream of a better Mosul remains distant for many

One year after Mosul was retaken from ISIS, thousands of people are still unable to return home as parts of the city remain severely damaged and lack running water or electricity, Oxfam said today. ...

Members of the band Editors eat lunch with refugees in Obrenovac transit camp

Editors pay a surprise visit to refugee camp in Serbia

Members of the band Editors rocked up to a camp in Serbia to pay a surprise visit to some of the thousands of refugees trapped in the country. They gave encouragement to aspiring musicians living...


Yemen: Hodeidah cannot be allowed to become a graveyard - Oxfam

Food and water shortage - cholera threat - 80,000 forced to flee their homes   ...

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