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Tag: burundi refugee crisis

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Overstretched and underfunded refugee camps in Tanzania put over 110,000 Burundian refugees at risk

Health and shelter for Burundian refugees in Tanzania are poised to get worse in already overstretched camps, the aid agencies Oxfam, HelpAge International, Plan International, Save the Children,...

Burundi refugee crisis: Funds urgently needed as Tanzania camp numbers swell

The influx of 70,000 Burundian refugees to Tanzania is overstretching the capacity of the government of Tanzania and aid agencies to respond, as emergency aid workers struggle...


Cholera confirmed among Burundian refugees in Tanzania

Overcrowding, lack of clean water and sanitation facilities among Burundian refugees in Tanzania means risk of disease outbreak is alarmingly high, particularly among the estimated 40,000 refugees...

Burundi refugees exceed 105,000 - over 70,000 in Tanzania alone

The number of refugees arriving in Tanzania has risen exponentially over the past week as people pour over Burundi's borders, with new arrivals citing fear of violence and intimidation as primary...

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