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Indiana Jones' hat and the Jedi's lightsabers are the most iconic accessories in films, Oxfam reveals

The felt fedora hat worn by Indiana Jones and the lightsabers brandished by Jedi warriors in Star Wars are the nation's favourite accessories in film history. They polled equal first in a survey...

Couples are hiding unwanted gifts and pretending to like them, Oxfam reveals launching The Big Bling & Buy Sale

A quarter of couples (26 per cent) have received an accessory from their partner they didn't like, and most of them - a staggering three quarters (74 per cent) - pretended to like it for fear...

Former nurse and mum-of-five travels to Africa to see for herself how donations to Oxfam are spent

Abbie Viveash, from Cwmbran, South Wales has been chosen, after a UK-wide search, to see first-hand how money donated to Oxfam is spent when she visits one of the charity's projects in Malawi,...

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