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Oxfam response to the Queen's Speech

Responding to the announcement in the Queen's Speech of legislation to set up a public registry of beneficial ownership, Sally Copley, Oxfam's Head of UK Policy, said: ...

G8 implicated in land grabs risk - campaigners call for action at next week's summit

Since 2000, companies in G8 countries have acquired land in developing countries more than the size of the whole of Ireland [1]. This is enough to feed 96 million people - the total populations of...

Rising debt and falling aid force poor countries to cut spending on health and farmers

Poor countries are cutting back spending on agriculture and health due to the global economic crisis, according to a new report launched today. Despite poor countries' efforts to overcome...

Oxfam: Veil of secrecy hides human cost behind top food and drinks companies supply chains

A British food giant, owner of brands including Silverspoon, Amoy and Kingsmill is keeping consumers in the dark about how it does its business and failing to ensure suppliers meet the ethical standards...

Barbara Stocking welcomes David Cameron's pledge to tackle tax avoidance

Responding to David Cameron's speech at Davos, Barbara Stocking, Oxfam Chief Executive, said: "I am delighted the Prime Minister made such a strong moral case against tax avoidance in both...

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