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Tag: haiti earthquake

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A flight case with an Oxfam sticker on it

Oxfam celebrates 15 years working with Coldplay

The 2017 leg of Coldplay's Head Full of Dreams tour, which arrives in Cardiff on Tuesday 11 July, marks 15 years of Oxfam working with the band. In that time, over 60,000 Coldplay fans have signed...

Five years after earthquake Oxfam highlights successes and challenges of Haiti response

Five years ago on 12 January, a powerful earthquake struck Haiti, killing more than 220,000 people, injuring more than 330,000 others and reducing great swaths of the city to rubble. Thanks to the...

Fragile progress in Haiti three years on, but more needs to be done

Three years after the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, hundreds of thousands of people are still living under tents and tarpaulins and the country and its people continue to...

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