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Final statement at Rio +20 - Oxfam

Speaking at the end of the Rio+20 UN Summit on Sustainable Development, Barbara Stocking, chief executive, Oxfam said: ...

UN Zero Hunger challenge offers ray of hope in fight against hunger

International agency Oxfam today welcomed the announcement by the UN Secretary General to create a global Zero Hunger Challenge to eliminate hunger and ensure that everyone everywhere has enough...

Rio 1992 connected the environment and development. Rio+20 looks like splitting them up

The Rio+20 Summit will fail if it agrees to current proposals, which risk worsening the divide between environment and development efforts, warned anti-poverty and environmental campaigners today. ...

Oxfam calls for Brazilian leadership at Rio +20

With the UN Rio+20 talks effectively at a stalemate, Oxfam today calls on the Brazilian government to provide the leadership that is so urgently needed to rescue the Rio 92 Earth Summit legacy, and...

Helena Christensen urges action at Rio

Oxfam Ambassador publishes photos illustrating the impact of climate change ahead of UN conference ...

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