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Refugees separated from their families are prevented from integrating in UK, study finds

Refugees living in the UK are prevented from successfully integrating into British life because they are unable to be reunited with their loved ones facing danger overseas, Oxfam and the Refugee...

Still no real progress one year after landmark UN refugees pledge

One year on from the historic United Nations summit for refugees and migrants, the international community has failed to make meaningful progress towards meeting the goals of the New York Declaration...

Get into bank holiday festivals for free with Oxfam

Fancy going to some of the UK's top festivals, but put off by the price of a ticket? Then apply to be an Oxfam festival volunteer and get in for free. Oxfam is recruiting volunteers...

A flight case with an Oxfam sticker on it

Oxfam celebrates 15 years working with Coldplay

The 2017 leg of Coldplay's Head Full of Dreams tour, which arrives in Cardiff on Tuesday 11 July, marks 15 years of Oxfam working with the band. In that time, over 60,000 Coldplay fans have signed...

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