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Governments failing poor farmers in climate change fight

A new Oxfam report published today finds that, despite repeated pledges of funding, small farmers in poor countries are not getting the help they need to feed their families and adapt to climate...

Only a fifth of money to help countries fight climate change going to the poorest countries

Only a fifth of the money to help countries fight climate change is going to the poorest countries according to a new Oxfam report released today ahead of the United Nations climate change conference...

REACTION: Paris climate agreement enters into force 30 days from today

Commenting on the Paris climate agreement entering into force, Oxfam's Climate Policy Lead Tracy Carty said: ...

REACTION Still much unfinished business on Paris Climate Change Agreement

Today more than 160 countries sign the Paris Climate Agreement at the United Nations in New York. At this first step towards putting the agreement into practice, Oxfam calls on governments to continue...


Delays in cutting emissions set to cost developing countries hundreds of billions of dollars more

Developing countries' economies face bring crushed by climate change adaptation costs of almost $800 billion more or twice that in economic losses every year by 2050 if pledges to cut emissions...


Reaction to UK Government’s announcement of £5.8bn in climate finance to developing countries

In response to the UK Government's announcement that it will provide £5.8 billion in climate finance to developing countries over the next five years, Mark Goldring, Oxfam's Chief Executive...


Oxfam welcomes China’s INDC announcement in the fight against climate change

Tim Gore, Oxfam's international climate adviser, said: "China's announcement to set ambitious goals to reduce emissions and increase renewables is welcome. ...


Leaders must boost climate adaptation funds if Paris talks are to succeed, says Oxfam

Oxfam is urging world leaders to boost funds available for developing countries to adapt to the changing climate, as they meet in New York for the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Climate...

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