Amy Christian/ Oxfam

A woman stands in an Oxfam vest with a clipboard and a banner behind her says 100 distributions in the town

Iraq Crisis Appeal

Millions of people fled their homes as a result of fighting in central and northern Iraq. 

Families that have fled their homes and those that have returned home remain in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine and water. Oxfam has reached more than two million people. This includes water, cash and hygiene items.

We are supporting people to

  • A man wears a mask and sits at a desk next to stacked clear buckets containing hygiene essentials like toothbrushes

    Survive today By providing life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable

    We are providing drinking water and life-saving food rations as people flee conflict-affected areas, as well as cash or e-vouchers to meet critical household needs.

  • An Oxfam worker washes her hands in Oxfam installed sinks in a school bathroom

    Prepare for tomorrow working locally to supply safe, clean water for everyone

    We are rehabilitating water infrastructure, providing sanitation facilities and also supporting hygiene promotion activities.

  • Adapt for the future Supporting people to work and earn an income

    We are providing opportunities for returning and displaced people to work and earn money. We're also supporting regular community dialogue sessions and using our advocacy expertise to ensure and protect the rights of all individuals affected by the conflict.

Oxfam's response in Mosul

One year after Mosul was retaken from ISIS, thousands of people are still unable or afraid to return home, as parts of the city remain severely damaged and many areas still need to be cleared of unexploded bombs. Houses, schools and shops were destroyed and water networks damaged and many buildings still have no electricity.

For those returning home, the situation is desperate: the lack of water, electricity, secure shelter, basic services, protection and job opportunities makes living conditions dire. 

Oxfam is working in the Old City of Mosul fixing the damaged pipelines, repairing pumping stations, rehabilitating school bathrooms, supporting hospitals and providing water pipes and machinery to bring running water to 35,000 people who have returned. Work to rehabilitate the Gazlani water plant has established the first native source of clean water in western Mosul city.

Our teams have also distributed cash to thousands of people for buying food and other essential items. 

Charlotte Sawyer/ Oxfam

Two months before ISIS arrived I went blind. We didn’t know anything about ISIS, it felt like they suddenly appeared. Thanks to the money I received, I could cover my basic needs like buying medicine and buying food.”

Ahmed in Mosul, Iraq