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We've put all our training resources right here in one place so you can easily find what you're looking for, download it and get cracking. If you need anything else or have an idea that you want to share with us, let us know on 0300 200 1244 or

Training resources

Training can require a lot of time and commitment, so it's important to put together a training plan that's right for you.  

If you're new to running, read the brand new Beginner's Guide to Running (PDF 7MB), put together by personal trainer Graeme Hilditch. At the end of the guide, you'll find some example training plans for both half marathons and marathons, whether you are a beginner or an advance runner. These are also listed separately below.

Half marathon training plans


This is the one for you if you're new to distance running and plan to run three times a week. You should already be able to run continuously for at least 20 minutes. 

Beginner's half marathon plan (PDF 150KB)


You're already regular runner, plan to run five to six times a week to prepare for your half marathon and want to push yourself.  This is the one for you.

Advanced half marathon plan (PDF 150KB)

Marathon training plans


Choose this plan if you have recently started running and can jog continuously for 30 minutes. 

Beginner's marathon plan (PDF 150KB)


If you're already regular runner, plan to run five to six times a week to prepare for your half marathon and want to push yourself, this is the one for you.

Advanced marathon plan (PDF 150KB)

Fundraising resources

Downloads to help boost your fundraising

Training and Fundraising Booklet

Fundraising ideas

Sponsorship form

Blank poster - use this blank poster to advertise your fundraising at work.

Treasure map

'I'm raising money for Oxfam' poster - can also be wrapped around a fundraising bucket.

Wimbledon sweepstake kit - use this kit to run your own Wimbledon sweepstake.

Facebook cover photos

Use social media to tell everyone you're taking part in a race for Oxfam. To make sure your friends know about your challenge, download one of these Oxfam cover photos and add it to your Facebook profile.