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Hitting the high road with the Culture Kitchen Relay

Posted by Tom Linden Campaigns Assistant

3rd Sep 2012

Two weeks, 14 destinations, three women and one van - these are the ingredients of the Culture Kitchen Relay, an epic road trip around Scotland celebrating local food and regional recipes.

This food odyssey is run by The Hidden Gardens, and offers a snapshot of the allotment growers, crofters, farmers, fishermen, cheese makers, foragers and people who are passionate about local ingredients and are working to reclaim Scottish food culture.

The project's Creative Producer and artist Clem Sandison, cook Najma Anwar, and community gardener Kathryn VandenBerg aim to uncover family recipes that use seasonal fare, from home-grown vegetables and foraged wild mushrooms, to freshly landed seafood and organically-farmed meat.

"The Relay was created to get people thinking about where their food comes from and to find ways of moving towards a more sustainable future for our food," explains Clem Sandison. "We aim to give strength to voices within the local food movement and help create relationships between communities."

Do you know a person in your community who you would call a 'Food Hero'?

Blog post written by Tom Linden

Campaigns Assistant

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