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Locavore local food made easy

Posted by Sara Cowan Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

25th Sep 2012

Earlier this year a new shop opened just round the corner from my flat and it's made buying local produce a whole lot easier than it ever was before, but it's more than just a shop it's a vision of a more sustainable future. With practical local ways to get involved, creating growing spaces in back greens for local residents and offering new ways to get active - going as far as creating beer with foraged foods!


I popped in to speak to Reuben, the Project Manager, to find out what motivated him to get involved.


"At Locavore I'm working to test ideas and take forward projects which contribute to making sustainable local food economies. At the moment this involves running a social enterprise local food shop and catering business and running a veg bag scheme. As well as the income generating projects we also host events and workshops which raise awareness of and skills needed for sustainable local food. This includes helping communities set up growing spaces and teaching cookery and gardening.

I've had an interest in food and gardening for many years and became interested in working on local food projects through social enterprise after seeing the pitfalls of projects relying upon funding. I also feel there is a great need to make things economically viable and stimulate demand for local produce.


I'm motivated by the opportunities we have to remodel and improve our food system in a way which is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable."


You can find out more about what's happening at Locavore by checking out the Facebook page:

Blog post written by Sara Cowan

Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

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