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Mass lobby: Get your Act together

Posted by Sara Cowan Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

14th Sep 2012

There have been some interesting climate change developments this summer. 

Guest Blogger: Gail Wilson, Coordinator of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland

The findings of a prominent scientific  study led their chief scientist, Professor Richard Muller, who had previously taken a sceptical approach to climate change and its causes, to state that: "it appears likely that essentially all of this increase [in global temperatures] results from the human emission of greenhouse gases." 

 The study received significant funding from massive coal and oil companies who were no doubt hoping for a rather different outcome. 

This reminds us of the sound scientific basis, echoed yet again in this most recent study, for tackling global warming. The moral basis is clear with hundreds of thousands of the world's poorest people already suffering the impact of climate change. 

Closer to home, Scotland made a good start in 2009 by agreeing to laws to reduce our emissions. 

But we can only truly play our part in creating climate justice if we follow through on our climate promises.  

Stop Climate Chaos is deeply concerned by news this summer that the Scottish Government has failed to meet the very first (and not particularly challenging) target to reduce emissions under the Scottish Climate Change Act.  


On Thursday, October 25, Stop Climate Chaos will bring together people from across Scotland who care about climate change to meet with their politicians at the Scottish Parliament to call on them to 'Get their Act together'.

It's a vital opportunity to show MSPs that Scots want to see real action on climate change - and we'd love you to be there.

Blog post written by Sara Cowan

Campaigns and Activism Co-ordinator

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